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Happy Easter

Since I don't always have time to draw or paint,I never feel I have much to say on my blog,so I have decided to just write things that are on my mind and try to post a little bit daily. I want to wish everyone Happy Passover and Happy Easter. In the NW it has been raining non stop,but today it is beautiful. Sunny,not a cloud in the sky,birds are singing and flowers are everywhere. Talk about a painters palete. I am walking around taking photos of all these flowers. I one day hope to learn how to paint flowers a bit more loose than I do now. With that I will bid this post ado and see how today unfolds.


In an earlier post, I said I wanted to do a bit of woodburning onto a few things, so I did work up a couple of pieces. I also bought a new IPhone and wanted a one of kind case. I found an artist on Etsy that made wooden cases. The first pieces I worked up were a few bamboo pendants. I really like the texture of bamboo and the burning worked out really well with the bamboo. I did put up for of them for sell in my Etsy store and have now offered personalized pendants. I also worked up one for myself. These first photos are the ones for sale and the one of the bird is mine, but I am offering to work up any animal.
I really like little birds, so I worked up a pendant for myself. I am offering little birds for people who might like something other than dogs or cats
Right now, I have a few different projects going. Three canvas, two ACEO cards, 11 Scrabble pendants, and one ornament. Whew. I do like the fact that there are many different styles going. Sometimes, I need to take a break from one thing and move to the next. Once I am done I will post photos.

Happy New Year

I guess I should start by saying that one of my resolutions should be to blog more, but not sure if that is going to happen. I have a hard time talking about my painting every single day. I actually do better posting on Facebook, which in turn goes to Twitter. I huge procrastinator when it comes to keeping up with the journal musings. What I need to do is make myself a website, so if anyone ever reads my occasional blog posts, if you could let me know of a good web producing site for DIY people such as myself, that would be great. As I sit and write this I think another resolution would be to finish up my paintings I have done for myself. I have one pencil drawing, one 11x14 canvas flower painting and a few small bird paintings that I have started and not finished. Plus I started woodburning art on bamboo pendants and stopped because I got so busy with my pet sitting business. I really need to finish my stuff up. LOL. Well, not much here. I am busy petsitting this whole week and I am off to walk a couple of dogs right now, but wanted to stop and wish everyone a Happy New Year.
I did not have the best month in September so therefor, did not even think about blogging anything. I am just glad that month is over. Way back at the end of July, I had a customer ask me to paint up some ornaments when I had my half price sale. It was quite the task, 14 ornaments in all. I must admit, it has taken me longer than I thought it would. I still have a few touch ups to do and then put a final glaze over them, but pretty much they are finished. It was a big task to be sure. Here are some photos of the ornaments:

Getting booked up for Christmas!

Anyone interested in getting a portrait painted, ornament or Scrabble piece done, please be sure to get your orders in. Right now I am three weeks out.

On another note, I love gourds. Previously I posted a gourd piece I did out of a broken shell. I have decided once the painting slows down a bit, I am going to go back to gourd work for awhile. Over the years I have looked at different ways in which artists create beautiful works out of these things and have noticed that the work has evolved.
It used to be you could use paint, pastels, leather dyes, etc. Now there are the new (new to me that is) alcohol inks. They are beautiful and I have some creative ideas forming in my head.
I hope to get some of the work posted shortly. Of course I will probably offer pet portraits on gourds as well. I love burning images into the gourds and can see a pet on one of them. ;) Time will tell.

Here is a fabulous gourd artist that I recently found..all I can say is WOW!
Beautiful Gourds

My art

I have been pondering for awhile now how much people appreciate the hard work that goes into making a piece of art.I know how many hours I put into my paintings and how I really work hard to make my art as perfect as I can get it.
Many people do not realize the effort and time that goes into making a piece of art, whether by painting, sculpting,etc.
After long debate with myself, I have decided to make a few changes to my pricing structure. I hope that you, my customers will understand why I have done so and continue to enjoy my work long after.
Right now, I am running a two for one until the end of August using my old pricing list. If your interested in buying two or more pieces from me, then the time is right to order.
You can email me at for more information.
I do appreciate all the people who have had faith in me and who have enjoyed my work and I hope that I can continue to make great paintings.

Etsy Treasury

I was updating my Etsy store today and came upon a treasury that a fellow Etsy artist put together featuring wall of dog portrait artists and one of my paintings was included.
Always makes me thankful that people enjoy my art and want to share it.
Here is the treasury
Etsy dog portraits

Don't forget I am offering a two for one on "anything" item in my store or one of a kind..until the end of August. Save now!